The past couple of years the amaryllis assortment has been extended enormously. Various amaryllis improvers have been busy looking for ways to improve the product and to widen the assortment. With relation to the improvement Floralia entered into collaboration with Penning Breeding B.V. in Honselersdijk in 1986.

The cultivation and trade of the by Penning Breeding developed types of amaryllis bulbs is exclusively reserved to Floralia and its members. The aim of the Floralia-Penning Breeding combination is to market new types, which are characterized by their rich blooming and their extreme suitability for pot and cut cultivation.
In the past years as a result of the collaboration, a number of new varieties have been taken into cultivation. The aim is to regularly add better and modernized cultivars to the assortment. We also take care of the mediation and sale of the by other improvers new selected varieties. Like this we have got the disposal of a very broad assortment.