The “Westlandse” association for bulb growers Floralia, founded in 1890 is the oldest selling organisation in the field of bulbs and is specialised in the amaryllis. We sell approximately 50 percent of the in the Netherlands cultivated amaryllis bulb area. With this we are market leader.

On our site we will give you a complete summary of the amaryllis assortment, which is being cultivated by the growers who are member of Floralia. Besides that we provide product information for buyers and consumers.

Product information

Consumer Information

The amaryllis (which official name is Hippeastrum) originally comes from South America and is available in a lot of different colours and sorts.

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The Amaryllis as a potting plant

The potted up amaryllis, which can be bought ready-made, is getting more and more popular.

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Tips for sale and export

To receive the best blooming result, it is important that the bulbs are treated with care.

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